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Basement Remodeling

Lower level finishing and basement remodeling open up a wide range of opportunities for your home. Today’s basements and lower levels are truly usable, livable spaces. They are no longer damp and dark unwelcoming storage spaces where the laundry hides. Today you can design a basement room to be almost anything you can imagine. Whether it’s an entertainment and theater room, a wine cellar, a bar or another specialty space that’s unique to you. The Property Fixers will make your lower level or basement truly become a part of your home and living space.

Basement Remodel Leawood, Kansas City

Increased Square Footage

Having an increased living area can have a huge impact on both useable space for a family plus the potential desirability when it comes to selling the home. Though some places don't technically "count" the finished area, any homeowner knows  how valuable it is to have the added square footage. 

Basement, Liberty, Kansas City MO

Return on Investment

This is a question we get asked by customers who are thinking of finishing their basement. The short answer is: Yes. According to the 2017 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report ( released in February, a basement remodel is one of the top ten home improvement projects that give you a return on your investment (ROI).  The long answer for homeowners thinking about finishing their basement is also "Yes". But it's wise to understand the many underlying factors that affect the value of your basement remodeling project, especially if you have competing uses for your funds.

Basement Finish, North Kansas City
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